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5 cm Thick Mattress Topper

5 cm Thick Mattress Topper


5 cm Thick Mattress Topper


10 cm Thick Mattress Toppers also available

5 cm Mattress Topper Designed for comfort

Fluffy hyperallergenic filling with elastic corners to help keep it secured to your mattress.

Get the benefits of protecting your mattress so prolonging its use. They have anti allergy properties and keep you snug and comfortable. Everything you could want for a good nights sleep.

If you think how much time and money you spend in your bed, its worth spending a little more on a quality topper to ensure your money goes a long way. This topper is keeping your expensive mattress cleaner for longer as its providing a thick layer between you and the mattress.

  • Our 5 cm mattress topper is made up of microfibers which have a large number of air chambers and tiny pores, allowing the skin to breathe and the body to regulate temperature.
  • It absorbs extra moisture and makes you feel relax without extra heat and sweat, perfectly regulate according to the temperature. It will greatly help you to relieve stress and minor pains.
  • It keeps you away from dust mites, allergens, asthma issues due to its hypo-allergenic property.
  • Our thick mattress protector super soft and smoothness keeps you cozy and warm unlike other substandard toppers that lose their thickness and softness.
  • Elasticated corner straps keep your mattress topper in place providing equal support to every corner.
  • Mattress topper is washable just use a little detergent for a fine look.
  • The mattress topper is safely compressed and pressed to pack so at the time of unpacking the fibre do not bounce back completely.
  • The Toppers Are 5 cm or 2″ thick.
  • Available sizes are single, double, king, super king, small double.
  • Customer satisfaction is always our priority.

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