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Bounce Comfort Support Pillow – Medium Firm


Bounce Comfort Support Pillow – Medium Firm

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Bounce Support Pillow – Anti allergy – Machine washable – 1 per pack

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Luxury Bounce Back Support Pillow – White Cover – Anti Allergy filling


Superb value, yet luxurious pillow lasting, structural and durable support and a supremely soft, polyester anti-allergenic filling.  LUXURIOUS BOUNCE BACK PILLOW offers fully immersed support for your head and neck, ensuring you will drift off effortlessly into trouble-free sleep, night after night.

Mid-level firmness that gently supports your neck and head. Great pillow for side sleepers as it won’t crook your neck.

These pillows have the benefit of being machine washable, no more yellow stains. Our bounce back pillows feature Spiral Fibers that allow the pillow to bounce back to its original shape, thus keeping it plump for longer. Our bounce back pillows are easy to maintain and wash, thus ensuring high durability. Our pillows also mould to the shape of anything resting on its surface, making the extremely soft and comfortable. The polyester is uniquely woven to feel softer and more luxurious against the skin.

Sold in packs of 1’s with free shipping

Fully washable. ze: 48cm x 74cm Approx
Filling complies to B.S. 5852 Fire Safety Regulations 100% Polyester

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