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Luxor Spa Towels Paprika Luxury Heavy 600 GSM Cotton Towels

Luxor Spa Towels Paprika Luxury Heavy 600 GSM Cotton Towels


Warm Orange Paprika Luxury Bath Towels 600 GSM Cotton

Face Cloths £2.99 | Hand Towels £7.99 | Bath Towels £9.99 | Bath Sheets £15.99

Paprika Deep Rich Orange Colour Spa Towel Range is our premium towel collection. Made from High quality Cotton.

These are 600 GSM which means gram per square metre and is the standard measurement for towels. Being a thicker, heavier than average towel really does make them feel like something you would find at a luxury spa or boutique hotel.

These are made from combed cotton which is stronger and better quality than regular cotton. During the manufacture process the yarns are combed which pulls out any knots and impurities leaving behind strong durable and softer cotton.

As well as being heavier than average they are also generously sized compared to many other towels.

Designed to retain their shape and colour wash after wash, whilst also staying soft and absorbent.

A mostly plain design with a subtle chevron style border.

Luxury Cotton 600GSM,

Generously sized towels

A soft, fluffy, luxurious spa towel. Turn your bathroom into the spa.

Thick Heavy but still fluffy towel that will feel like new wash after wash. Modern and classic colour’s to choose from. Freshen up your bathroom with these Luxury Towels. Combed cotton is known to be more breathable than any other type of cotton. Not only does this make the towels more comfortable to use, but also more absorbent. Even if you leave them in the bathroom after a shower, they dry within a few hours. HIGH ABSORBENCY of combed cotton keeps the towels soft even with long term use and makes the colors more vibrant and resistant.

These lovely soft towels will provide years of service for you and are available in a range of colour’s to suit all bathrooms . Luxor is available in face cloths , hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets.


Face Cloth, Hand Towel, Bath Towel, Bath Sheet