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5 Ideas for an Autumn Themed Bedroom

5 Ideas for an Autumn Themed Bedroom

As temperatures drop and the nights draw in, there’s a natural desire to retreat into the warmth and comfort of your home. Autumn is a season that celebrates the colours of the harvest, and banishes darkness with lights, oil lamps, pumpkin heads, and fireworks.

Take the opportunity autumn offers to show your bedroom some seasonal love. Gold, russet, orange, and deep reds provide a wonderful palette to work with. Check out Bentley Priory Linen’s top interior tips for transforming your bedroom.

1. Cosy Bedding Choices

Hedgehogs and dormice get to hibernate throughout the British winter; a bed to snuggle up in when the frost bites is the closest we can get to sleeping through to spring. So, dig out the winter duvet, and treat yourself to a new, autumn inspired duvet set. Once you’ve got the basics in place, add some plush pillows and a red or orange textured throw. 

2. Create Autumn Sunshine

Autumn isn’t all grey skies and blustery winds; we still get the occasional burst of late summer sunshine to keep us going. Take your cue from nature by investing in a sun lamp, also known as a light therapy box, or SAD light. It creates a light that mimics the sun; it’s so effective that your body starts producing serotonin which is well-known as a mood-lifter.

3. Insulate Your Bedroom

Thermal curtains are a perfect choice if you’re looking to create a cosy haven. The densely woven fabric helps to keep out early morning light during the summer, and ensures the heat is locked in during the winter. As the days get shorter it’s a great option to close out the dark, get dressed for comfort, and enjoy being warm and dry in your autumnal nest.

4. Put Up the Autumn Decorations

Remember how good it feels when you put the Christmas decorations up? Why not do the same for Autumn? There are plenty of options available now, from beautiful autumn wreaths, to red and orange leaf garlands and twinkling maple leaf light chains. Let yourself be inspired by the season; add throws, scented candles, and artificial pumpkins for a glorious autumnal celebration.

5. Bring on the Blankets

After a day at work, what could be better than making yourself a pumpkin latte and sipping it whilst enclosed in a fleecy blanket. Given that we live in a cold climate, it’s taken us far too long to adopt the blanket as part of our lifestyle. At last, though, there’s a glorious range to choose from, including rich tartans, dense rustic weaves, and indulgent fake furs.

Take a look a Bentley Priory Linen’s range of duvet covers to find the perfect design for your autumnal bedroom.