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Draft Excluder Cushion for Door or Window


Draft Excluder Cushion for Door or Window

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80 cm wide draft cushion for drafty cold doors & windows

sold in packs of 1’s

Door Draft Cushion – Keep the cold out this winter with our Door Cushions

80cm wide, made to fit a standard door snugly. Can also be used around drafty windows. Also works to stop doors slamming.

Choose from our range of plain, stripes or geometric patterns.

Made from thick durable fabric designed to save you money on your heating bills this winter. Improve your homes insulation, try adding these to a cold room. Old fashioned idea with modern designs. Sometimes the simple ideas work best. Perfect accessories over the colder autumn and winter months.

Choose from Orange and brown stripe. Geometric blue hexagon or grey.

Cheap way to insulate your home from cold drafts.

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