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Which are the Best Luxury Towels for a Home Spa Experience?

Which are the Best Luxury Towels for a Home Spa Experience?

Soft, luxurious towels are a major ingredient if you’re wanting to create the spa experience in your bathroom. Add a candle that smells great, some greenery to please the eye, and your favourite bath products to soak your troubles away in your home sanctuary.

We all know how a spa towel feels. Like we all know how a hotel towel feels. So why is it so difficult to reproduce the experience in your own bathroom? Partly it’s to do with context, of course. When you’re away from everyday stresses and strains, in beautiful surroundings, your towel is pretty much guaranteed to feel good. It’s also to do with choosing the right product, though. If you’re looking for the best luxury towels, Egyptian cotton is hard to beat.

What’s Special About Egyptian Cotton Towels?

Egyptian cotton towels are widely considered to be the best towels you can buy. This is largely to do with where the cotton comes from. The area beside the Nile provides perfect growing conditions, resulting in cotton which is softer, finer, longer and more durable than other cottons. The ‘bolls’ of cotton (like cotton wool balls) which grow on the plant are hand-picked in order maintain their organic integrity.

Origin stands for quality when it comes to Egyptian cotton. The lush farmlands and delicate handling of the plants produces a strong yarn that feels soft to the touch. Egyptian cotton is also more porous than other cottons. So beautifully coloured cotton towels hold the dye’s vibrancy, and offer super absorbency. Best of all, Egyptian cotton towels actually get softer the more they’re used and washed!

What’s the Right Weight for a Towel?

The best luxury towels are thick enough to be absorbent, whilst not being so thick that they take a long time to dry. Egyptian cotton towels tend to have more loops per inch, which is what makes them so absorbent, and luxurious to the touch. GSM (grams per square metre) is the weight measurement.

  • 300 GSM. Light, thin towels that are suitable for trips to the gym, or the beach.
  • 450 GSM. A slightly thicker towel, suitable for hand-drying or guest towels.
  • 500-600 GSM. A perfect blend of softness, thickness and absorbency for your spa bathroom.

Should You Wash Towels Before Using Them?

We would answer with a definite ‘Yes’ to this one. First, a good wash ensures that your towels are clean and ready for use. Second, you’ll find that your Egyptian cotton towel is softer and more absorbent after its first wash. Third, it adds to the ritual of preparing for your first spa bath! We would recommend you use a detergent specifically for coloured towels, no fabric conditioner (as it reduces absorbency), and a warm wash.

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