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Multi Relax Double Sided Memory Foam Pillow

Multi Relax Double Sided Memory Foam Pillow


Memory foam and hollowfibre in one pillow only £24.99

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Multi Relax Pillow Memory Foam Hollowfibre Double Sided Medium Support Pillows


With two options of memory foam or soft hollowfibre filling on each side of the pillow, you can customise your perfect night’s sleep. The memory foam moulds tenderly around your head, providing you with a firm yet cosy cushion, while the hollowfibre is softer and cushions your head as you snuggle up to it. A pillow that is comfortable, gives support and is super soft to sleep on – you’ve not slept until you’ve had a snooze on this wonderful pillow!

The best of both worlds, this Multi Relax pillow benefits from being fully reversible so you can customise your night’s sleep each night! With one side memory foam that moulds to your head and neck and the other springy hollowfibre, this pillow offers support, comfort and a touch of luxury!


  • Length: 73cm
  • Height: 48cm
  • Material: Cotton
  • Filling: 50% Polyester hollowfibre / 50% Memory foam
  • Hand Wash Only: Yes
  • Care Instructions: Do not tumble dry, do not bleach, do not iron.
  • Colour: White